Monday, October 4, 2010

Quick guide to judges up for election this year

Judges this site gave top reviews to (generally conservative)

Court of Appeals
Dan Barker
Philip Hall
Jon Thompson

Maricopa County Superior Court
Brian Ishikawa
Peter Reinstein
Eileen Willett

Judges this site gave moderate reviews to (generally moderates, lean conservative)

Supreme Court
Rebecca Berch

Court of Appeals
John Gemmill*
Sheldon Weisberg

Maricopa County Superior Court
Mark Aceto
Roger Brodman
Norman Davis***
Alfred Fenzel
George Foster
Pendleton Gaines
Brian Hauser
Jean Hoag
Carey Hyatt
Michael Jones
Kenneth Mangum
Karen O'Connor
Maria Del Mar Verdin

Judges this site gave negative reviews to (generally slightly left-leaning)

Court of Appeals
Michael Brown
Pat Irvine
Lawrence Winthrop

Maricopa County Superior Court
Arthur Anderson
Janet Barton
Emmet Ronan
David Talamante

Judges this site gave very poor reviews to (generally very liberal)

Maricopa County Superior Court
Aimee Anderson**
Edward Bassett
Dawn Bergin
William Brotherton
Roger Budoff
Edward Burke
Harriett Chavez
Gary Donahoe
Sally Duncan (we're told she's listed as Sally Schneider on the ballot)
Dean Fink
Richard Gama**
Larry Grant
Warren Granville
Hugh Hegyi
Joseph Heilman
Bethany Hicks
Joseph Kreamer
Raymond Lee
Daniel Martin
Rosa Mroz
Sam Myers
Benjamin Norris
Susanna Pineda**
Douglas Rayes
John Rea
Samuel Thumma
Randall Warner
Joseph Welty

*A reputable source tells us the reason why Judge Gemmill's decisions fall into the moderate, not conservative category, are because of his libertarian persuasion.

**One reputable prosecutor who practices regularly in front of Superior Court judges disagrees that Judges Aimee Anderson, Richard Gama and Susanna Pineda are liberal. Anderson and Pineda were both Napolitano appointees.

***We apologize, we had this incorrectly listed as Glenn Davis, but it is actually Norman Davis who is up for retention.


John Doe, P.E. said...

How were these ratings determined?

Anonymous said...

You have obviously not checked what the public thinks about Judge Reinstien AND HIS COURTROOM BEHAVIOR. His decisions are so poor that he doesn't even follow the law himself. His minute entries are contrary to his decisions,HIS CLERK DOESN'T RECORD all the minute entries for all HIS hearings, specifically the hearings where he has been obviously corrupt. WHO WILL CHECK ON HIS BEHAVIOR?????

Anonymous said...

On your list you show a Glenn Davis, however on my ballot it says Norman J. Davis. Please confirm.

Anonymous said...

This is totally UN-helpful. Why did they get these ratings???

Matt Caine said...

Thank you! These reviews are very important!

Wayne C. Church, CPP said...

Judge Raymond P. Lee - US Navy 1968-1970 Judge since 2003 - On ballot but not on list. (??)

Chuck said...

Thanks for the useful information. My wife and I will both based on these ratings and I will forward the URL to others for their use. The State Bar should be ashamed of itself for utterly failing to give voters any guidance in this area.

AZ Judges Review said...

Wayne, we had his name reversed. Check again. (the Superior Court judges' names are listed with surnames first on the Superior Court website)