Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Due to threats, GOP forced to remove its name from this blog

Due to threats from the spouse of a judge who would actually attempt to have county GOP leadership and LD4 GOP leadership removed from their positions in order to suppress free speech about their spouse, we are removing their names as sponsors and contributors to this blog and Lighthouse Blog will continue to shine the light on the judges!


USA=Soverienty said...

Well then shine the light on who that Judge was. If it's truth it can't be denied and if you truly are here to inform the citizens of Arizona on the conduct and ratings of these Judges then POST it.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the blogmaster is being threatened too, and doesn't want to reveal the info. I have no relationship to the blog, however, so I have no issue revealing the info.

The judge is Barbara Mundell. Her husband, Bill, is on the AZ Corporation Commission and is the one allegedly making threats to people about this blog, according to my sources, who were also allegedly threatened. Mundell is even allegedly threatening people who have referred other people to this blog, even though they have nothing to do with the blog itself.

The louder Mr. Mundell speaks about this, the more the press will pick up on it. And that can only further hurt the Mundells. But apparently Mr. Mundell's ego, allegedly, knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

According to my sources, the judge is Barbara Mundell. Her husband, Corporation Commissioner Bill Mundell, is allegedly making threats all over town trying to censor information about his wife.

The funny thing is, the more he allegedly threatens, the more others, including the media, are likely to pick up on the story. Mr. Mundell, despite his allegedly huge ego, had better learn quickly that he cannot control the internet. Al Gore can't even do it, and he invented it!