Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maricopa County Superior Court judges has been updated significantly

We're almost done, just a few more updates within the next day or two.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much to who ever put this together I only wished that more people would take voting more seriously.
Please please pass this web site information on to all of your family and friends.

Impartial said...

I like that you've updated the site with more information, but I still object to the site evaluating judges as good/bad based on their political inclinations.

I urge you to avoid the political value judgments.

Anonymous said...


Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Thank you for compiling this information. I just filled out my ballot using it. If we ejected just a few judges every couple of years, we might see better behavior from them.

Anonymous said...

Superior Judge Louis Araneta is fair but not liberal--I should know since I was sentenced by him in 2001 for possession of $20 worth of drugs. He gave me jail time and probation, but not the 2 1/2 years in prison that the prosecutor asked for. Now I am a junior in college, in the International Honor Society, and I am a staunch conservative.

I have recently sat-in on some of his hearings and he gives jail time to immigrants that use fraudulent documents BEFORE he deports them. Some of the other judges (liberals) shelve the charges on them and just deport them with the threat of trial IF THEY RETURN TO THE COUNTRY.

Please vote to keep him in. He's a keeper.